Panda Bear is found on November 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey and we are developing our first video game named Afarid - coming soon. The Panda Bears as a team work together all spread over Turkey to step into the game industry as an Indie Studio with the goal to develop well designed, reliable and amusing games. Achieving this goal our biggest dream is doing that by including you into our process, as individuals of our community. Therefore the mission of Panda Bear is to establish strong affiliations with our players, who will be at the same time our playmates.

digital collage


The Panda Bears think, that a human being only reveals his true selve, where he plays. Due to this perspective, our games have the aim to increase the idea of playing and are developed as exquisite as possible.


Survival Horror | PC

Afarid is a psychologic horror game with religious atmosphere, which is played in the first-person perspective. Will the last person from the blood of King Solomon succeed in breaking the spells and destroying the jinns, which had obsessed his family in an Anatolian town full of weirdnesses? You can flee from the things you can see; what about the invisible ones? Read More

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